A deep & deep survey & # 39; showing billions of microwave tonnes of microbes; live beneath the Earth's surface


Millions of tonnes of small food creatures are long under the planet's surface, according to a large study of "deep life" living in an area near two sea size.

Scientists find out about large temperatures, weights and lack of nutrients, this hidden world is home to 70 per cent of Earth's fruits and their cousins ​​in Archea .

The wide variety of life of the "zombie" insects or "zombie" dishes included the crew as "almost alive".

Comparing this habitat into the Amazon rainforest or the Galapagos Islands, they say that the real problems could help to make a difference. Understand the origins of life both on Earth and may be on other planets.

The 10-year Carbon Deep Surveillance project was involved in drilling into marine and microbes sampling from mines and holes over three miles underground.

Although the campaign has only deteriorated a range of underground life spectrum, researchers have noticed up to 23 billion tonnes of musics that lived in this "deep biosphere" – a & # 39; describes almost 400 times the amount of carbon found in everyone.

"Ten years ago, we did not sample just a few sites – the types of places we expected to find life," said a member of the team, Dr Karen Lloyd from the Tennessee University at Knoxville.

"Now, thankful to very deep sampling, we know that we can find it well in every place, although it is clear that sampling only part of a non- sure of the deep bodphere. "

The "dark case" means biologists of secret creatures that include bacteria and archaea, but among them there are millions of different types, many of which may still be available.

Amazingly, genetic diversity seems to be comparable to the deep life of the Earth for all its lives found above the surface.

Find scientists from the beginning Advocate Desulforudis audaxviator bacteria (purple) living there Mponeng Mine Mine near Johannesburg. Scientists have not found any other organisms in their samples to make this deep ecosystem that was first found on Earth with one species. (Greg Wanger, Gordon Distribution)

Although the recorded depth of microbes found underground is about three miles below the ground surface, the total boundaries of underground life are not yet established.

One prosecutor is for a microban who lives in the most difficult situations to be in a position; including a man who lives at 121C in water-tanks at the bottom of the sea.

Dr Lloyd said, when the project started, there was very little information about the creatures that lived in those areas and how they came alive.

"Today, we know that they are most of their energy in many places so they can not keep their own lives and a small amount in grow, which is an interesting way to stay, "she said.

However, there are still many mysteries about these ecosystems, which include how life is; spread around the rocks that make up her / her; planet.

They also want to understand whether life is a deep start in Earth – either inside the rubbish or at bottom water wires; ocean – or on the surface before moving down.

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"The deep deep depth of the Amazon rainforest is investigated," said Dr Mitch Sogin of Tobar Marine Biological Woods, a member of the other team.

"There is life in every place, and in every place there is a plentiful richness of unintended and unexpected organisms."

The sciences exhibited their result before the annual meeting of the American Geo-American Union in Washington DC.

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