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Deer officers have cleared signs of inflation and marketplace changes before making any decision.

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"A financial policy strategy needs to be a way of linking data to the future and a model of the economy with a healthy judicial measure – and irresistible – to formulate a policy level of mental rates and then ( depending on our aims "Deputy Mayor of Deer Richard Clarida said at a conference in New York.

Based on past knowledge and the latest economic data, it is a recommendation "Normalized policy to the extent to which it allows the Deer" to gather more information for future decisions.

He was also estimated to have levels of interest "closer" The level is neutral, a positive level (probably about 3%, according to experts) that do not constrain or to; stimulating the economy.

"It is a criticisms that are almost considered, and there are different ideas within the FOMC"Central Bank Money Committee, put it in.

"The foundations of the US economy are strong (…) Private sector redirects for the whole year (…) recommend that there should be a 3% increase or a bit more "said Richard Clarida.

If proved, 2018 will be the fastest thing in the expansion cycle; at the moment, which went into the tenth year of July last year. "If, as I think, economic growth in 2019 is the largest, the most American is the most historically.", he also noted.

Richard Clarida appears to have recently defended his position in the late October speech, then considered that, even after three levels were raised this year, the policy would have the interest of the Deer (2.25 %) to stimulate the economy again. .

And, the deer chairman, Jerome Powell, wanted to emphasize the fact that the deer was not far from his / her; Regaining the economy would not give more power.

But the financial stability of financial markets in the last few weeks, already shaken by Donald Trump's trading policy decisions, is likely that officials now accept a more responsible position .

On Tuesday, November 27, Richard Clarida has clarified the difficult equation: rising levels can rapidly undermine economic growth; they can be slower than accelerating inflation, which could deter financial sustainability.

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