A designer who fires a man in the # 39; hill after seeing him stealing


December 9, 2018

The agent is in custody, despite being told that the image was "escaped".

A policeman was arrested in the Scottish department Córdoba, after a man was killed by a soldier in the hill, after he was found to be in a position; cabbage stealing.

Suffer me Víctor Rolando Sarria, 38, who had been coming to the city of Evita City in recent years after being settled with his family from the village of Capullo de la Esperanza.

The tough program happened in the early hours of Saturday, when the officer Sarria after finding him, according to what the officer said, "Cabbage guns."

After this, the corporation first Gustavo Fabián Rivero It was arrested after the procurator fiscal was arrested Patricia García Ramírez, and was asked "Great slaughter because of the use of a firearm and as a police officer"

Diego Kravetz: "It is the spirit of the protocol of a police and community post"

As the local newspaper published Voice of the Interior, Sarria had a history of theft. Rivero told colleagues that this happened as long as he was to. Waiting for the company to work as an additional service at the Ciudad de Mis Sueños medicine center. And when he saw two men trying to steal cable from the railway site.

After identifying himself as a police, one of the intruded robbers escaped, but the other went to the police and was struggling. According to his story, the man wanted to catch his gun and that when the police met him in the head, when the "escape" picture.

The main doubts in the investigation are not about stealing themselves, but the proxy versions of his actions with the army before conviction.

All this will take place after the Patricia Bullrich and the using a firearm for the forces.

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