A disaster in Vilnius's big hand – a 6-inch member hit the girl in the # 39; head Sport


The dangerous event was held in the old man of the Lithuania antique athletics on Wednesday afternoon.

The seventeen year old, a member of the Lithuanian youth team preparing for European priorities, training in normal exercise.

"During the training, the girl walked through the mobile department – I look forward to returning to hysteria and shouting:" I got a ball to my head, "said the trainer ran I. Jefimova.

It was a large metal ball of six kilograms; there.

The girl was cited by an ambulance, and was taken to Santariškės Hospital.

"So far, half of the problem – the effects, and maybe different, I would not talk to you now. Although this is a result of an enormous struggle," – said I.Efefova , a trainer who left school in hospital. – I do not know how things will come to an end. There may be a level of brain inflammation – the doctors still report.

Now there is a lump on his head. "

He was saddened by others in the event.

"I also have a problem, although my pupil is not to throw the ball," said Giedrė Kupstytė, the football coach. "I saw the girl going, her face was turned."

Photograph by Alfred Pliadis / Giedrė Kupstytė

Photograph by Alfred Pliadis / Giedrė Kupstytė

Coaches working in the athletic field are included because the complaint was not caused by the ball for a year, but due to the security's security approach.

"This is not the case for the first time – these balls are being disturbed there because the fort is well organized," said Yefimova.

G.Kupstyte spoke with a crying voice: "This is a kind of cosmos. The ball is flying, he goes through the fence, jumped over a ball. I always die , but nothing helps.

Balkūnas Vidmantas / 15min. Photo / Gangway athletics

Balkūnas Vidmantas / 15min. Photo / Gangway athletics

The dog would break a fence. Instead of inserting it, every time a member is a member, Spinning, it's over, it's rubber, it's a material, it's rubber; Again, it's a new network. Lost after the cattle, but the situation does not change. "

This is not the first event in the old galleries in central Vilnius.

Last year there was a short connection, when smoke was filled with sticks, and all parents needed to leave the building.

Athletics was moved away from humans

Athletics was moved away from humans

Although the problems have been debated publicly, a sports lover is known as the athletics athletics, continue to play as old as the world in the building.

"It was not scratched already, we did not get it, because we saw everything," said Kupstyte. – Everyone is angry, but afraid to say heavily. I do not understand that. We want to invite children, but here the image is tough. Soviet times were looking better than today. And everyone needs a tin whistle. "

G.Kupstyte stopped the work on Thursday afternoon. She argued that her own paranoid mouse is now that all members can go through the guards.

I. Jefimova, who was the girlfriend and her parents at the Santariškės Clinic on Thursday, was waiting to diagnose doctors and her; He asked, "Are you at a parent's place, would you let his children go to such a sea?"

Balkūnas Vidmantas / 15min. Photo / Gangway athletics

Balkūnas Vidmantas / 15min. Photo / Gangway athletics

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