A document showed that Google was moving over USD 23,000 to a taxation center


Company Google moved 19,900 million euros (22,700 million dollars) through a Dutch company to Bermuda in 2017, as part of an agreement that allows them to reduce the excess tax account, in accordance with documents registered by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

That sum managed through Google Holdings BV was four million euros (4,558,664 USD) larger than in 2016, in accordance with the documents that are displayed on 21 December.

"We will pay all taxes payable and comply with tax laws in every country where we work throughout theGoogle said in a statement.

For more than ten years, he said has enabled Google owner, Alphabet to have an efficient one-digit tax level on the non-US benefits, About a quarter of the average tax level of their markets abroad.

This sub-group is used in the Netherlands Providing income from kingdoms outside the USA to Google Ireland Holdings, a subsidiary based in Bermuda, where companies do not; paying income tax.

The tax strategy, known as "the double Irish sandwich, the Dutch", it is legal and allows Google to avoid the income of the US income or to keep taxes out of European funds on funding, According to The Guardian, these assets are represented by & # 39; Most of their profits abroad.

However, thanks to the importance of the European Union and the US, Ireland decided to abolish the agreement and complete the tax benefits of Google but from 2020.

Google Holdings BV paid 3.4 million euros (3.8 million USD) in taxes in Holland in 2017, in accordance with the documents, with a total profit of 13.6 million euros (15.50 million USD).

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