A dollar collapsed with a strong fall against Silein's section after the weak data of inflation in the US


The dollar fell significantly against Chile's penalty Wednesday, among the international weakness of money after the publication of information from US inflation.

At the end of their interbank market work, the dollar was named at $ 677.8, which is represents a drop of $ 5.1.

The inflation in the US will make any changes in November and its & # 39; taking care of the deer

This move is largely defined by the decline of North American money in the markets outside. The Dollar Index – which calculates the achievement of the money against six world-finances – a & # 39; 0.37% weakening.

Baggage increases greatly for hope about the China-US agreement after they have been abandoned by Huawei activity

After this, the inflation data in the United States was published, which reported an independent change in November.

The market analyst XTB Latam, Carlos Quezada, states that US macro-data is a constant indication of the main taxability of over 2%.

"Now our market is currently taking a new tour in December, but by 2019 we would only have to increase 1 or 2, which affects the internet – internationally. The local exchange rate is linked to the weakness of the USD, "Quezada will add.

In addition, the increase in food risk is among investors, after the latest hope in the # 39; commercial war.

With this situation, the emerging mountains rise dramatically and Rand Afraga has a & # 39; Guide the list of assessments with a 0.96% increase. Behind the scenes, Silein's real piece has a 0.92% increase and 0.75% respectively.

In the other way, an Indian rupee is the only money falling against the dollar with a 0.23% decrease.

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