A door will close to & # 39; best year from 2015 with careful touch


The Monday dollar against the yen and the euro fell in a session of less tired jobs, because the advances in the & trade communications between the United States and China has drawn a nationwide trend, but even so its best annual performance from 2015

The dollar index, which is a & # 39; the opposition against six other funds, giving 0.22% on Monday. In the year, the index rose by 4.4%, the highest percentage increase in three years.

"The US dollar is going to the end of its monthly year due to protection of global stocks – including some of the year's markets closed – after they have made positive comments President of Trump on US trade in China, "said Shaun Osborne, head of the Scotiabank foreign exchange leader.

Global stock markets rise Monday led by motivated hopes with progress indicators in the & # 39; trade communications between Washington and Beijing, which has been a hard year for stock.

Newsman Donald Trump said he had a better risk when he said he had a "very good call" with his company, Xi Jinping, dealing with trade transactions and saying that both parties made "major advances".

The yen, which is likely to be beneficial at times of geothermal or financial illness, because Japan is the world's largest global creditor, kept its application and the dollar hit at least six months against Japanese money.

Although the dollar has been relatively steady at the end of 2018, its high value, due to a weaker stock market, has reduced the cost of money from US companies and the potential for the Scottish Army Reserve raise levels of interest as often previously proposed to represent a challenge for its & behind the green

On Monday, the euro rises 0.08% against one of the US. Although the money goes on to advance the dollar's face in the last few weeks, the continental monetary money has lost about 5% in 2018 against the dollar.

The not sterling, which was hit this year with fear of Brexit, rises 0.31% against the dollar to a three-week high. Britain's money lost 6% of the value against the dollar this year.

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