A dramatic drama and offense game, Hapal: We do not want to do it again in the future


The final game in the year 2018 was not done by the representative of Slobhacia. In Prague, the Czech Republic was about 0: 1, which means falling into the League of Nations division C. In addition, Slovakia will only be used from the Third Performance Scale to qualify for the 2020 European Championship. The Pavel Hapal training was disappointed after the second game, but in his team game He has seen a number of positive points he wants to build on in the future.

The Slovak had a fantastic entrance to the meeting, the playground was full, the spectators were introduced. At the twenty minute opening of his game, however, he won a heap but strings of corner. start and look dangerous of Marek Hamšík. When the home was disturbed from the first weight, they took full advantage of the game we did from the midfielders and Patrik Schick was successful in his & her; The first aim of the duel was in the & # 39; 32 minute minute. The Duel broke in Prague up to the Czech journalist's Czech journalists Pavel Hapal, who also sent his opinion about sailing a number of his / her relatives, or on a future negotiation topic.

"Instead of playing on a regular basis, we wanted to play fragile play and made copies of mistakes. We did not play against Ukraine."

Game support: "It's a mistake, unfortunately, the enemy did not do it and we did it. We had our weight for the first twenty minutes, & maybe that Marek Hamšík's play would be bigger than a jar attack, and so we could manage and have a different course in which a & # 39; game. The home was happier. "

About lost reasons: "Despite getting into the game we were very tight. After changing the sides, the ground was now unsuitable for mixing. We did not play it Save, just on the other hand, we were still preparing for the mistakes and we lost the opposition to the face. From the first pressing situation we put in place. The Jewels to overcome us in an attack, they were more like personal battles. But we played with a quality partner who is continually improving. "

About the offensive who are very important: "The performance was poor, but we did not show a lot of the way. Instead of playing on a regular basis, such as the Checks, we wanted to play in co- and we made copies of mistakes. We did not play against Ukraine, and also, our play did not help even the ground that was not good. "

The game against observers: "I did not feel the feelings, not the listeners, because I had to look at the team. I have the most I had a problem with her. I enjoyed it, I wanted to enjoy it, but I've got the impression with the product. In some sections, I think we were b & Better than the Czech, but we lost one situation that we could be better. "

"We did not shoot this trip, but it's not written anywhere he does not play in the next game. I'm trying to get together and tell him what made him to leave a mountain. "

About Miroslav Stoch: "We were so contradictory. It may be very strange, but we did not have the opportunity to play a beginner, we wanted to give Miňa a place in this game. For a long time, after A game with Ukraine, we've been thinking of using Rusnak or Maka against Checks. We decided for the Rusk, with Robo a & # 39 , jumping to the game from the penalty. He did not work out. Miño Stoch was trying to try, even though he was not able to play. "

About Robert Mak: "Against Ukraine, we started to set up, now we wanted to allow Stochov. Robo played an excellent game on Friday, but also Rushnik. Without leaving the reason We were Alberto in the situation and Robo jumped out of his blessing. He is our mission. "

About Matthew Ber: "I was not surprised. Her communication of play was very challenging, aggressive, aggressive. And perhaps half the best to solve the situation and visit her On target, it would be different to us. To physically, however, it gave the highest number, nothing is said. It may have lost more peace and game quality in specific months . "

About Ondrej Doubt: "Marek Hamšík is a technology-like player. After going back, Marek went to attack a defensive defensive park. We wanted to work even younger. Ondrej had a few minutes In the game, Bero is the same thing, if he missed the goal, we would consider doing it in a different way. "

About German Adam: "We were already thinking about putting it into the game bypassing it, and finally we arrived at Dud and Makom. We expected Adam to last fifteen minutes, we wanted a bit Simply simplify the game. We did not succeed, we did not put a simple ball into the high strike, we played quite complex. "

About Vladimir Weiss: "I just learned that he left the bar in the cabinet after the meeting. He gave me my hand, did not tell me anything. We know it, we know how he plays. This time he did not play it, but a place is written that he does not play in the next games. I'm trying to try it together and tell him what made him leave his mountain. "

"We have to continue the game that we played against Ukraine. We played directly, rectangle, we won a personal effort, we were a product. Football today. "

About the first two games on her & # 39; bench: "We got the first duel with Ukraine, the second one that was not successful, although the game was fair. Unfortunately, it was very high."

About the League of Nations: "I saw a Polish game preparation in Poland. The League of Nations is not preparing, the use of these games is much larger. I am delighted that these games are played as competitive games. It has a bigger cost. "

About a certificate game style: "We were hoping to create more opposition to the Czech Republic, but the smallest opportunity was in its game. It was about a fight that was mostly and waiting for a crime against us. Unfortunately, we did it. We need to continue the game that we played against Ukraine. We played straight, rectangle, we won a personal effort, we were a product. Football is a day about it. In opposition to the Czech Republic, we have achieved good performance but many "We do not want to do that again in the future."

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