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Xinhua News Agency, Frankfurt, 13 December Summary: The Central Bank Bank finals its band purchase program but is still maintaining a supportive policy

Reporter Xinhua Group News Shao Li Hu Xiaobing

After more than three years of a gradual purchase of 2.6 trillion species of genres, the Central Bank of the European Council published on the 13th to complete its connecting purchase program by the end of December. But, since Europe's economic recovery is still weak, the ECB still has a secret money policy.

ECB Council, although the purchase plan is linked to finalization, reinforces the principle of quality security to maintain good liquidity and to improve its efficiency. solution to money. In addition, the current current energy level policy will remain at least until the summer of 2019. Market analysts believe that this is a " means that the ECB will continue to maintain a large balance sheet for a long time.

In order to stimulate the economic regeneration in the euro zone and increase its low inflation rate, the Central Bank of Europe began to Implementing market intelligence by clicking on "#; Purchasing plans for purchasing government and corporate bonds in March 2015, but gradually began to change their purchase from January 2018. Debit amount.

The Central Bank Bank published the latest macro-economic republic on the same day. The actual growth rate of the eurozone is expected to increase in 2018 by 1.9% and 2019 1.7%. Compared to the republic in September, the economic growth rate decreased by 0.1 percentage points this year and next year. At the same time, the Central Bank of Europe lifted the level of inflation in the eurozone to 1.8% in 2018; but the introduction of inflation was reduced by 2019 to 1.6%. In September, the European Central Bank is expected to have a 1.7% inflation rate for this year and next year.

At a press conference after the meeting, ECB President Mario Draghi clarified that the assessment of the risks associated with the growth objectives in the Eurozone is still an overall balance. However, due to geo-regulatory issues, defensive threats, dangers that occur in the world are infected. emerging on market and financial market accessibility, the Eurozone economic growth objectives are; turned down.

Draghi stressed that the eurozone economy still needs a lot of financial policy ideas in the & # 39; medium term, and the council is ready to change the policy as appropriate.

As the Central Bank of America was cutting its economic expectations that day, many economists believe that the Central Bank of Europe will Starting to raise interest rates The German commercial banker Jorge Kramer expects the Central Bank of Europe to participate in levels of interest for his / her. first time until 2020.

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