A European Stock Exchange launched a revival of Wednesday, Dax grew


The European stock market grew significantly on the weekend before the US weekend and finished a fall-five day. In the evenings, Wall Street was also in the evening.

The fast-hit EuroStoxx 50 barley zone was 1.21% and closed at 3153.91 points. The European 600 European Stoxx index ended in a five-day decline, rising 1.14% to 355.07 points, and the European index FTSE raised 300% by 1.12% to 1399.72 points.

The German main record, Dax, lost some of the past days after a four-day decline, when he recorded the shortest increase since the end of July. Dax raised 1.61% on Wednesday and closed at 11,244.17 points. On Tuesday (November 20) he left the lowest level since the end of 2016.

The French Cricketer's main index rose 40 1.03% to 4975.50 points. The FTSE MIB indexes expand Italy 1.41% to 18,731.55. The Italian banking index FTSE Italia All Share Banks was developed by 2.35%, rising 2.6% during the day. The reason was that Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini was willing to consider the budget change for 2019. FTSE 100 GBs grew 1.47% to 7050.23 points.

In the early evening Wall Street also moved. The US Dow Jones Business Average Business Index came to 19.42 hours with more than 0.78% at 24,657. S & P 500 generally raised 0.84% ​​to 2664.07 points and Nasdaq Technology Index Composite with 1.54% to 7015.04 points.

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