A eye examination reveals Alzheimer's disease


Tomorrow – NEW SYSTEMS (Reuters Health) – "Significant" differences in the Alzheimer's patient retina can be identified, negotiating for the future of the disease to be detected by a simple eye examination before the start of key indicators, t according to a new study published in the magazine Retina.

A Duke's research into non-medical imagery, called OCTA, allows doctors to investigate blood flow quickly in small subtitles at the back of the retina.

"We measure the amount of blood vessels which can't be seen during the normal eye examination and we do this by a new extended approach which brings full-resolution layouts of very small blood vessels in just a few minutes. T , ”Said Sharon's lead author.
"These changes in a retinal retreat could happen what is happening in the brain, perhaps to see micro-teeth, before we can make any change to the sight," he said.

According to the site "New Attlas", the survey of more than 200 people, filmed using the OCTA approach. 39 people were diagnosed with Alzheimer's and 37 people (MCI) had a mental disorder.

39. One of the key aims of the audit was to cause any damage to the retina that may be directly linked to Alzheimer's disease, independently of the general cognitive decline which exists. associated with old aging (Sky News Arabia)

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