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No one would expect: tennis pro Tayisiya and Matthias farmer on Monday afternoon at "Bauer sucht Frau" to twin. The other farms also have great love. Just a Niels farmer who casts a bad downturn.

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In the last 14 quarters of "Farmer Looks a Wife," an applicant has not yet met so many suspicions such as Tayisiya Morderger.

The professional mathematician player, currently listed 568, is not interested in the Matthias farmer, so it has been shown.

There is much more she wanted to be known, perhaps for formats such as "Bachelor" or "jungle camp" to include conversation. Do not just add new fans for their Instagram account. On the road, you did well.

On Monday afternoon, however, the story around Tayisiya and the young farmer, Matthias, turned out to be unexpected.

At the end, tea kisses were arranged at the bus stop! But here the whole story is from the beginning.

Bottle and rubber boots as a full farewell gift

When Tayisiya's full farewell came, the young farmer came up with astonishment. And the response to today has shown why the tennis player does not have a lot of spectators who have a huge interest in rural life and rural people.

Initially she went pink rubber boots ("the first one ever!"), Then red sun. For a minute, the 21-year-old stopped, and realized she was going there for a secret thing in her hands. That's right, that's going to work, "said Tajisiya," with a joy.

When a truth came after, Matthias wanted to find out what he is now. Everything said the tennis player would now be sending her & # 39; step on the farmer.

"We had a long time, I lost you as soon as you got to the email," Matthias explained: "I had not been feeling like a long time girl. "

A lovely palace of her & her seals long-distance relationship

And now it has come, perhaps the most spectacular time in the history of the landowner. "I want to try it", which breathes Tayisiya, the two agree on long-distance relationships, with tears on roll.

In the same way, it was astonished that she compiled a lovely castle from her immediate dungarees, on which the names of the two love and the date were engraved. There is another sentence, a young woman does not; think!

Well, they are out now that editors of "Bauer sucht Frau" Tayisiya have put on a love lock. And Matthias may have long wait for a tennis player call. But then follow the full view of the bus station.

"Matthias would like to kiss her now, we have already held hands, we need to be a bit bigger," Tayisiya had been trying to communicate with the previous camera. Indeed, Matthias gave heart and came to kiss.

A "happy end" in Hollywood's classic classic style, so that people do not expect them hard.

Roasted meat pork instead of fish: leaving bad for Niels

Love is also good at all other farms. Danielle and Kuhbauer, a Christian turtle, Steffi and Stephan, at least, Ingeborg and Jörn were dancing in love over the veranda of the army in Canada.

Jörn's friend suggested his love to Oliwia at his airport. It was bad bad; for Niels farmers. He got from Laura to escape the one from Tayisiya would expect for Matthias.

Already at breakfast, the disaster told. "Roasted meat pigs with dumplings, but not fish", the Bavaria trainer described her iron preferences and it became clear that her shores were not her new home .

Niel did not think anything wrong, after a tour (tag: "If you have a suitable bride, you can sometimes go on a trip.") And move a car through the muddy flags that asked all the questions question.

"How do you think it's going with us?" Niel asked carefully. "I can think of a good friendship, we may be able to visit each other, but it's not something hard."

Niel's harsh women look a bit harder than usual. "Relationships are sometimes larger than living together," he said. That was hurt.

The farmer is good Matthias has been defended. On Monday he will see Tayisiya again at his & # 39; Last visit by courtroom.

And certainly after that. If she is not busy playing a jungle camp or a well-known brother.

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