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Not only do words of teaching but also motherhood

I knew that Nguyen Thi Hang was going through the story about her students; before. For decades, although many generations of students are now married, they did not forget their second mother.

After graduating from the Education College, Hang (SN 1964) was taught for teaching at Dien Bien Primary School (later separated to two primary schools, taught to teach Dien Bien Primary School) . With 34 years of experience in the "human agriculture" field, the school has relied on the teaching of first-class students – the most difficult elementary school.

It's not easy to teach to & # 39; first scholar in primary school. It's hard to make good scrutiny, but to listen to her and that good faith is much harder. However, with her motherfriend, with practical experience and special ways, her pupils, not only the quality leader but also the commander of the order.

For Hang, he's teaching students at his & # 39; The first stage is to teach the word also a mother.

For Hang, he's teaching students at his & # 39; The first stage is to teach the word also a mother.

Hang said: "Block 1 is the most important element in primary education, which is the foundation of moral education and student knowledge. The environment of learning from pre-school to elementary school needs to be much attention from A homeroom teacher, both motivating and careful. For first-class students, not just teaching words but also maternity.

A level of student's age is changing, from a child that is attached to grandparents' arms or grandparents, parents now need to eat and eat eating and sleeping. Many uncertain, multi-active children also bring me "very ill", and # 39; Finding such a case I need to be tough and just to love her & # 39; leaving her mother, which helps children to change and her; surrender. South Westerly

According to Hang, student education does not just text the text, and # 39; teach children's textbooks every day, but also teaching and learning. In particular, to capture the feelings, feelings of each student and must be dedicated to the post.

For first-class students, the teacher must know how to organize an activity so that all students can play together, participate in the tasks that they are doing. ; and then they can quickly understand and remember. long.

As a teacher of the ancient generations, Hang is always looking for innovative, and / or innovative ways; Implementing information technology to teaching is going to send a & # 39; best effect for students. With the students weak, continue in the direction, there are many solutions to help students continue to organize learning the same couple.

Rebellion of a clan

Ms Hang had the regret that she was born. her first son when she was born. For more than 30 years, he lived in his mother's hands, from food to personal hygiene, and for more than 30 years, he was just an innocent child.

The pain of the day continued to respect teachers, November 20 for almost 20 years, her husband left her also to get out of illness. Obtaining a hard-working man, lack of hard work, heavy burden on his shoulder.

She seemed to fall only her & her; watch her, try to resume her again. The school's compilation is the school to stand on; podium, looking at & # 39; children as their children who are encouraging it.

Every time to stand on her & # 39; podium shows pupils who make sure their teacher is able to; forget the place.

Every time to stand on her & # 39; podium shows pupils who make sure their teacher is able to; forget the place.

In recent years, life is still tough, she still remembers how the white light in the morning has leased her son but a prepared lesson. For many nights I was sick, I was alone in the care of my child, I did not have a backbone, but in school, I tried to keep it up, to make sure I did not block the speeches .

Although hard work, but there are students in poor stages in the classroom, ask her to go home to a teacher, care for her son.

"Life is sometimes at risk, but whatever it is, it is still taking a step. Seeing students, co-workers are the reason to influence take the event, "- said Hang.

Nguyen Thi Oanh, a parent of children, is learning from Hang: "The times she built up her son thought she was home, but she put the waiting time for the parents to go to her. investigate the work of their children, mistakes or comments on each page every day to parents to find out what their children are learning today. Put the child to Hang, we are very confident. It has been several years since then, but his son regularly reported her with great respect and respect. "

Mu Hang, teacher Pham Mai Hoa, Principal of Dien Bien 1 Primary School, said: "Hang is a mirror of power over time that is taking us forward. Not only for many years After each other, Hang is a good regional departmental teacher, and her first letter of the department's beauty. Her class is always a leader of the record as well as the order.

"Hang is a special thing, despite those situations, that it is very busy, the work is complete, school hours are 7h30 but it's not after 7h for a class, make sure that the shelf, board and chairman to order students. At the end of working hours, when waiting for her parents to build up, she was sure she would leave. her students are now married, but the holidays are about. An old student is still looking to her children and her children thanking her guidance "- The Primary Principle began, Dien Well school.

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