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Therefore, Mr Nguyen Ngoc Long is responsible for delivering the available work, all the documents are related to the leadership of the population of the Tuy Duc area, the Implementation period from the date on which the decision was announced until the end of 30-11-2018. On 3 December 2018, Mr Long receives officially official work of the Nong Geological Dock Park Board of Directors.

Earlier, Dac Nong concluded the decision to leave the members of the Area Area Committee, a Member of the Standing Committee of the Parochial Party Committee and Deputy Secretary of the Tuyen Area Party for Mr Long.

As the People 's Daily recites, in just five months, Mr Long has been under the care of two disciplinary debates on the Party Party. In particular, in July 2018, the Dac Nong Department's Audit Committee controlled in warning form Deputy Secretary of the Area Party Committee, Chairman of the district Nguyen Ngoc Long Committee due to weakness, bankruptcy: a mark Decision on Provide correct land use certification in rural areas without change for the purpose of land use; To rely on each other and include several of them to allow the number of lower level officers to go to; commit crimes in the land management area that they are over; To record meetings of a number of chairs that have not yet qualified for cadres titles and the order and procedures for the post in accordance with the rules, including issues related to brothers; As a result of the rules of the Committee of the population of the Tuy Đức district the documents were signed that were not in accordance with the rules, order and authority.

In October, the Dac Nong Audit Committee held its control over the years. protect Nguyen Ngoc Long. Reason: From 2013 to date, Mr Long and his wife have borrowed from some people with great money, high levels of interest as well as the rules; They have not fulfilled their commitments, they have a debt many times, they can not pay debts, so they are causing it. Advantage, this has affected the status of the Party, the government and their own. Restricting Committee regulations; A Labor Party Party Party Party Party Party The responsibility of setting the cadres example, party members is the key leaders at all levels.

Work suspended by the Chairman of the People of the Tuy Duc Area People

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