A fire bus, a Rami story that showed the warning first: "I tried to save them". Father: "Give it citizenship"


"I just thought other people, t I saved the others anyway. Even if he gets out, he is a man who will; me. I tried to save 53"so Branches, 14 years in July, was born in Italy from Egyptian parentsdescribes his longest life in his life, from Crema to Paullese, in Milan, where the bus he traveled was crossed and burned down. Ouesseynou Sywho stopped the police. His grant was central to deter the researchers " tcriminal planning"It did not cause victims. Rami" felt Italian, let us in half and half ", and according to which Sy was all, everything was prepared, = 'safety maritime safety'. As soon as I saw the face, I felt that something would happen. How will it come? He was with a muscle, fat, the scary face and when he said he wanted to go to the airport airport. "

Today Ramy is feeling like a hero. Conversely, he says outside the confines of the San Donato police officers – everyone told him in Crema: the companions, the school principal, teachers and other class children. They had the same bus, returning from the Vailati school camp, when the driver chose a course and said that it would “pick up all the cell phones, that all of them passed them.” T My friend and I let him in, but we kept him. I named the police. Then I put it down immediately. The driver came over and hid the phone. As soon as he left, I pretended to be praying in Arabic but I was calling mother. He shouted the carabinieri. So the intervention was guaranteed.

What happened then was taken on board the bus board is taken over – t a & # 39; father, Khalid Shehata, a 50 year old employee in Italy from 2001 t he hopes to have citizenship, as he is “my second country in Italy”. It is possible to achieve this purpose from the installation of the Inner Ministry to ensure it is working. given as fast as possible. At the same time, Rami, with special candles, admits that he is referring to the driver: "In my opinion, he did not want to do anything. He was just afraid to frighten us. When the carabinieri reached him, he burnt and up into the glass. "Then he tells of his time taking over:" He said he was silent, the profiles attached. At the start – the teenager stands out – we thought it was a joke. We knew later when he went to the other road. He changed the track and showed the gun. T We got frightened, they all started screaming. He then showed the knife and threw the gasoline on the ground. He said: "I don't want to hurt you but quiet yourself." He also covered clothes, full of gasoline. So if he was using it light … ".

Ramy says that he knows of Paullese's road: he understood the name of a restaurant and this was a minute that the carabinieri really helped, "arrived at the right time". His qualities with his colleagues Aadm and Ricky"I got help also from my companions. They picked up their voices to make him look. I put myself down and spoke. I knew that I saved everyone when I saw a car t I was afraid, the man was so sad, if he would throw the light light … I was scared… the caravanieri broke the windows and he He took a plunder and ran out of doors, and I thought that he was about to have the human bodies near the college. injured. " Then he said:I would like to be a policeman when I grow up".

"Ramy – another person said to him, Ricky – it was good: he had left the phone, made the first call to 112. At one time he fell to the ground, showing me that I have been taken and given to Adam, behind me. "At that time Adam called on him. three times because they did not want to believe it, confirming that they had some fun.

Sound to visit the carabinieri – "They take us away by bus, endangering us with a knifethe professor is in front of them. The driver is holding his guard, he has a knife in his hand. Quickly, there is petrol on the ground, we no longer breathe. Call someone, it's not a movie, we can't lose our lives. It's going to a country "This is what is, with a moving voice, saying that one of the children took a force in the phone given to the charabie to warn about the action that Ousseynou Sy introduced, t hearing in this audio Ilfattoquotidiano.it.

The story of the carer on board the bus – t "Who bus doors closed down chainsI would never have done such a thing. The teachers have been actively involved and it is embedded he asked me to throw a gasoline over the tent and the windows and mobile phones. I claimed out, I made the school number and I left it because I wanted to hear from the other side. "To give more information about what happened when the bus was arrested, Tiziana M., the carer who accompanied the school from the Vailati de Crema medium school with the teacher." The children were struck, they panicked – he followed him – and I told him that it would be better if they were silent but he repeated the tune with him, and he wasn't clear what he was at. He said he wanted to go to Linate, and spoke of children drowned in the Mediterranean, although he never spoke of Salvini, and held the gas stalks. when he saw that the caravanieri was even more sparse, then I felt like a bomb in the glass when the carabinieri went in. Somebody sent me the carabiniere that I saved from it. biggest fear – he decides – was the kids, they kept my spirits up and in the end they said I was excellent. "

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