A fire hotel on Hanoi's old street was injured as a stranger


At about 6:15 p.m. On November 22, a fire was set out on the 9th floor of a hotel in Hang Than Street (Ba Dinh, Hanoi), smoking, Give a donation that many guests inside inside run away

Attending on the other side of the line to make a foreign 1
There are active forces at the site of fire felling. Photograph: FB.

We received information, a fire police in Hanoi quickly came to the scene to save people, set fire, discharge control into the surrounding houses.

The hotel is located on the second floor of the hotel
Firefighters make access within the building.

At this time, the electricity was cut off, the streets that went to the fire were also blocked to fire its service.

The hotel is located on the third floor of the hotel
Many guests in the hotel had a panel to run out. Photograph: FB.

Depending on the evidence, the fire occurred early in the morning that there are many guests there and so running apart, some people are caught inside.

The hotel is located on the third floor of the hotel
First Aid Medical Workers have asphyxia signs. Photograph: Staff.

Fortunately, the hotel staff left them from the hotel.

As a result, the fire to foreign countries has been severely injured.


Video source: Facebook.

According to police chief, Nguyen Trung Truc (Ba Dinh area), the fire at 61 Hang Than Street, the warden's policeman co-ordinated with the firearms to clear the fire immediately, and at the same time saved 3 people caught and steered others on the ground to land safely.

The hotel is located on the third floor of the hotel
The view in the hotel after the fire.

At the same time, the ward's police carry out the investigation to investigate the purpose of the case.


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