A fire near the repair of a car workshop near Nam Trung Yen Hanoi


On November 26th, it is seen within a car repair workshop, a sunny bed storage area in the urban district of Trung Yen (200m from the Kangnam building) which shows a large explosion, then a fire on fire Sit the whole building.

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The scene of the event.

According to the evidence, at this time on a sudden hearing of many springs, people in the workshop will run apart.

After running out of the building, staff and people have returned to push five cars; go out. Most of these cars are made from fire; leaving part of the shape.

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Many other self repair repairs are also involved.

Workshop was burnt with a range of m2 miles of corrugated car and iron roof, front of it; workshop approximately 30m long. The fire caused the entire frame as well as falling the roof of the house.

Inside, many cars have not been left and burned. The inside of the sofa was also lowered.


Fire Brigade No. 3 on 4 firearms and several troops ordered to the fire. At 23 o'clock, the fire was controlled, authorities continue to move more firearms to stay and stop the fire again.

We have controlled our record of fire up to 23h, and can not be damaging statistics.

Attendance at the fire scene, a fire coordination guide, & # 39; Protecting the scene, Lai Mạnh Tiến, Chairman of the People's Trung Hoa Committee, Cau Giay's area told reporters, the fire at a Garaids carriage at Tri Ward (Nam Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi ).

"After receiving an announcement about the fire, Trung Hoa People Committee officials were presently quickly and co-ordinated by active forces to control the fire and share traffic for fire-burning, protecting the scene, for almost 23 hours control of the fire. According to their first registration, the fire did not eliminate any casualties, "said Here.

The case is being examined clearly.

Nguyen Ngan / VOV.VN

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