A first transgender baby prototype from China


China will be ordered to & # 39; first trans-HIV transgene re-planning
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DNA recycling case that is the first HIV-1 world – BBC Thai

Scientists in Chinese scientific circles and from around the world. They included doubts about Professor He Yao, a genetic researcher from Shenzhen, said. Human wild gene can be cut by advanced ways. "CRISPR-PINNINE" (CRISPR-Cas9) is the first child in the world for HIV infection.

The many people's doubts about this scientific test. In addition, I do not make the cut of the gene as desired. Many experts also criticized. This action is broken to & # 39; Code of Conduct. Recent recently, Xinhua News Agency reported that the National Health Commission (CNHC) has ordered its analysis of its presence; case in private.

Previously, it is named as a video recorded by its news agency and published on the UB website. The female couples born from the transgene have opened their eyes to the world in recent weeks. Both children accept the names "Lulu" and "Nana".

He graduated from Stanford University in the United States, saying he used Chris Perry-Nine's approach. This is the way to cut the gene to make the genetic files that are very detailed. Movement of CCR5 gene in the organization of both babies. This means that the girls do not need to be infected with HIV infections if they are exposed or in future disease.

"These bilingual children were born with a normal tube dagger but after a modified father's sperm with her / her mother's eggs. We have set a set of organizational and administrative receptions to miss her immediately. To make the child's genetic change as necessary, "said Professor.

But, worldwide, genetic modification in human experiences is incompatible with poor ethical research in biological science. In many countries, including the United Kingdom, clear laws are banned. This is particularly true in cases where the move from moving to artistic movement is still a child and birth.

Generally a laboratory for replacing transgenic cell cells Given You must destroy all probes. I can not be sure at this time. How does genetic use affect the long-term genetic diversity of humans? Does it not affect the health of the person who will be cut in the future? It may also inspire a medical business. "Order by Baby", which has the physical and intellectual features that parents want.

However, Dr. He says he created only a way to make children in the healthy future. I did not want to do it "Clann an Òrduigh", but I do not understand it. "I understand that my work will be a matter of debate. But I believe parents and many families need this technology. I am willing to criticize them."

But many parties seem to be involved. Including the hospital that has a hospital; behavior of the couple. And at the University of Southern China Science and Technology, I do not agree with the success story here. The university recited. Part of the research is not. Professor Hee went to the laboratory outside the university during the unpaid leave of the year. He also says that Prof. Hao. "Avoid academic academic regulations"

However, it was reported that genetic approaches were in the mind of the professor. It may have been agreed to the Chinese Botanical Committee last year. The evidence in Chinese clinical trial recording (ChiCTR)

Dr. Dascoe Lee, a specialist at King's College, London says that the replacement of human reproduction cells in this case. It breaks my spirits. Due to the current situation, gene is not required to prevent HIV infection in any way. "The drug is already. It's longer than enough to stop HIV-in-infancy HIV infection. It also controls the spread of illness," said Dr. Eli.

Professor Julian W. Woolsey, Research Scientist at Oxford University Generally, replacing human embryo It is intended to correct the genitalization of genes that cause different diseases such as cancer in future. However, I used this test to use normal and perfect genetic strength. The gene that causes the child to pose a risk to the disagreements that may arise from the lawsuit.

More than 100 Chinese scientists have reported a joint statement of Professor's activities. He said he had metamorphic success without knowledge and did not publish a reliable academic magazine. He also wants the government to manage its; this emergency code.

"This event influences the reputation of a Chinese science community in the eyes of the world. It has impeded the development of biological research in the country. It is not fair for most Chinese pupils. "We are committed to research and innovation."

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