A flu vaccine policy has a & # 39; protest that they are opposing their & # 39; Mercury South after a Midnight nurse was fired


At least one employee was burned for breaking the Mercy policy that needs to be vaccinated; flu vaccine said Tuesday morning hospital speaker.

Her nurse was given a religious liberation from the long-term murder of her grandmother & He worked for St. Anthony's Medical Center, before he bought Mercy this year, according to the campaign that launched a campaign outside Mercy South on Tuesday.

"Without the problem here, they have cleared the religious salvation," said Nelia Aubuchon, who would just say she was close to her; nurse that was completed.

Mercy sent his policy to his / her. Flu vaccine in 2016. This year, the company 170 requested a medical or religious vaccine exemption for flu vaccine among its 44,000 workers across four states. Although most of the applications were issued, the staff who were rejected this week, were reported to be reported.

"The policy is a simple flu vaccine: protection from a virus to fluctuate can save life, especially some of our most vulnerable patients," said the statement.

The flu vaccine season 2017-2018 was the most difficult in decades, with around 79,000 deaths and 960,000 hospitalized hospital. Below, levels of vaccine (37 per cent of adults) increased the illness wave, said Centers for Contamination and Disease Disease.

The CDC recommends that healthcare staff receive all healthcare carers and stating that "mandatory vaccine policies" can improve patient safetySouth Westerly"

Although fluctuation is not 100 percent per cent. influencing infection, it can still be a & # 39; reducing the symptoms and spreading disease spread to others. The hospital's situation is particularly at risk as a result of the patients at risk – including pregnant women, births and people with continuing medical conditions – and eliminating defensive systems , doctors said.

More than two thirds of hospitals in US need their employees to be able to; get plants. Immunization rates in hospitals with a flu catching mandate reach 97 per cent compared to 79 per cent of hospital workers without such a rule, according to the 2017 survey in the Journal of the Medical Medical Association.

In addition to Mercy, local hospital systems include BJC HealthCare and SSM Health which include flu needs for staff who are infected. including exemptions for medical or religious purposes.BJC implemented the policy for its influenza in 2008 for all staff. Over 98 per cent of 26,000 BJC employees received their vaccine that year, and received a " Most of the others warrant. Eight staff were burned that year for not going to # 39; Compliance with policy, according to internal report. Updated figures were not available on Tuesday.

Last year, Essentia Health left in Minnesota about 50 employees who refused to vaccinate; obtain a flu after a union that represented some staff; leaving a court court to stop the boundaries, according to Minneapolis Star Tribune.

However, the Department of Justice U.S. have been & # 39; recently challenged to immunization agreements through a legal campaign that was earlier recorded this year against a district in Wisconsin to abolish an assistant at a public nursing home after she had been unable to kill a flu for religious reasons .

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