A folder represents a big problem in the CEC. The President is moving


The development reflects the ten-year period of Musorlieva in the CEC and influences all state authorities. "Cases are overwhelming, there are too many people involved and the links between them are ready for publication to the media," said CEC's Deputy Chairman.
As the subject relates to Bulgarian national security, she has convened a meeting with President Rumen Radev, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and Deputy First Minister Tomislav Donchev to bring them in on abuse.

The CEC is a model of the state. The CEC does not have representatives from the parties, but independent landowners must be responsible for the Constitution and Electoral Code, Musorlieva is protected.

PG GERB nominated his membership application and chaired the Chief Electoral Commission (CEC), which reported to BGES.
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The file answers the question why BSP wanted to change the position of the CEC and GERB for its retention. He was very concerned, the Vice Chair of the CEC refused to publicly disclose this information. “My friends saw it closest than I was and I knew what I could tell,” she said.
The next CEC is to be elected, with political forms making suggestions for the future of members.
Applicants for the CEC can only nominate organizations and parliamentary parties, but also non-governmental organizations and individual MPs. Even though the whole process has to be absolutely clear, Mssorlieva noted that some of the proposals are made public. While they are widespread, NGO proposals, for example, are not advertised on the Parliament's website, she said.

She strongly rejected the BSP's doubts that the EOC is preparing a range of election relief. “For many years we have been sponsoring all kinds of options. It's totally outside dealing with what we have set in honor, honor and our overall responsibility under a number of laws, "said Musorlieva.

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