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In 2018 Fort William has always been the best game in the world. Although too many players can not be attracted in Asia, its population has been in a position; creating a popular culture all over the world, but with a seasonal game. Upgrading, it seems that more and more players are satisfied with the current situation of the "Hero of Fort William" game.

(Fortress Photograph / Hero)

However, some of the decisions made by the developers make players make their feelings uncomfortable. Recently, Team SoloMid (TSM) is due to Daequan Twitter Voting on the display shows that the player does not; They like the game right now. The survey was released on Sunday November 18, asking the player "The current situation of Heroes Fortress is not interesting," and the results are terrible.

Eighty percent of the players are unhappy with the current state of their game.

At the end of the 24 hour voting, only 16% voted that the current situation of Heroes Fortress was more interesting than the changes that had been; before.84% People said they think the game is not so interesting. Although his Twitter vote is totally public and it is not possible to confirm if Heroes Fortress is a player, he is still in a position; give the player the idea of ​​the current situation of his game; many players have a complains that the new Tured Mounted name is too OP. Not only does he have strong tire power, it is even difficult to be resolved, because it is difficult for players to attack the enemy they are using. Professional players such as Parallex of the professional team 100 have asked media to remove something from them; game.

As Epic Games saw the amazing growth of "Fortress Heroes" players, Chic Korea's Chief Executive, Sung Chul Park, has recently seen 8.3 million online gaming players, and there are problems and the changes of the man Be more careful, or if you could follow the steps "Jesus Survival".

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