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Union units will send documents to the State Government with seven recommendations to solve the delay in & # 39; Salaries pay for Rio Grande do Norte staff. One of these is "locking the coffin of the state" to pay suppliers. The proposals have already been reported to the head of the civil office, Tatiana Mendes Cunha, and will be officially held on Wednesday. At the meeting, which was triggered after a complaint involving around 300 attendants in the & # 39; Government, representatives from the divisions stated that the Government continues to pay unpaid payments.

The servants have met the Government and say there is no expectation to pay

The servants have met the Government and say there is no expectation to pay

Servants also recommend that the twelve will be withdrawn as necessary to the payment of court officers. Justice, Legislative Meetings, Public Cases and the Accounts Court. Another recommendation to be sent to the "active branch" will reconfigure 10% of energy budgets from 2019, "together with" immediate remuneration of the budget surplus. " The other measurement is the demand for the total TJRN cleaning officers for the operation to expect resources from oil and gas research jurisdiction in the State, in the amount of R $ 162 million.

According to the respondents, these are the necessary steps to establish a calendar of payments for October (open for customers who receive more than R $ 5,000), November and December of this year, – linked to the 13th of 2018 and its # The remainder of the payment of the 13th of 2017 is still to be done. To date, staff who received more than R $ 5,000 were not paid on the 13th of 2017. They respond to 15% of the activity that, Counted on a page of 112 thousand respondents.

Discussions about staff page pay have become commonplace since February 2016. With just over a month to the end of current guidance, there is no expectation to pay the other three payment payments You would have to pay – an additional addition to R $ 1.4 billion too. According to information from the Land of Problems, up to November this year, R $ 10.04 billion was collected, 81.86% of R $ 12.2 billion was estimated for this year's budget.

According to the economist Raimundo Alves Júnior, one of the co-ordinators of the transition team for the new administration, based on what has been provided so far, part of the payments may be the responsibility of the next government. But the team still believes that the current regulation can take away the remaining issues. "It is possible, but we believe that the current government will try to solve the number of issues that can be seen," said Raimundo.

The replies sent against outside the government. According to the president of the RN Civil (Sinpol-RN), Nilton Arruda president, the complaint was challenged and the "more challenged" meeting met. "As well as having any good news, we still had the negative problem, which did not pay the tenth of 2017, that they can not do if there is no extra collection, for example, the business This banking is with the kings. If there is no such thing, there is no way to remove the open pages. "Asked about three third years of 2018, Nilton Arruda was the aim: "Just a dream," says 60% of the agents and clerk and 100% of the agents on the 13th November 2017 are open.

In the situation, health workers from various areas of public security protection, such as civilian police and prison representatives, from the State University of Rio Grande do Norte (UERN) and other outstanding outstanding departments.

"60% of the security officers are still on the 13th of last year. We are still unavailable this year, as well as the remaining payment. The government says that the social security deficit and the low collection are one of the reasons for these recycles, but for months and months to implement new strategies to determine the situation the social security deficit could be improved or the collection, "said Nilton Arruda, Sinpol.

The other department who was present in the campaign made by the servants in the government was the people of the practitioners. In her speech, Union Health Service (Sindsaúde) coordinator, Rosalia Figueredo, criticized the Government regarding the views of practitioners. "The favored commodities have given us in the end of this section worthy of respect," he said.

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