A foul fire kills 1,300 pigs in eastern Ontario


A big fire would use pig barn in Quinte West, Ont., Tuesday, and # 39; killing at least 1,300 animals.

The community fire leader, John Whelan, said they had not received a cited around 1 p.m. and a short call in resources from communities by side to help with & # 39; fight against. Quinte West is approximately 100km west of Kingston, Ont.

Whelan said firefighters did not get better when they arrived to bring the animals out.

"We did the things we could, my teams were inside trying to get the bees and the whales out," he said.

The fireman, Taylor Wardaugh, saves a leaflet. (Submitted by John Whelan)

Whelan said that he was relieved of animals from his clothes, but the structure was kept safe and needed to remove firefighters from a harmful way and could not save more animals.

"It was difficult to deal with it; we heard a lot of the animals that screamed and wept," he said. "That's really appealing, because we have a lot of friends with us."

He said there were 1,400 to 1,500 animals in the building. The fire appears to have been disastrous, including electric hares. Marshal Fireworks was asked to investigate due to the scale of the fire. The damage is estimated at more than $ 1 million, Whelan said. Deer

He said that no one was injured, and he gave credit to the firefighters they made for their rescuers and stopped the fire from spreading to nearby buildings.

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