A four year old boy stretches away from school in Ottawa


CTVNews.ca Staff with a report by Joanne Schnurr

Published Tuesday, December 11, 2018 7:16 PM EST

Last Updated Tuesday, December 11, 2018 7:19 PM EST

A headteacher has written to parents about new safety steps after anyone noted that a four-year-old boy was walking out of the classroom and down the street to his home.

The baby got about 300 meters away from school when he saw a couple who had a drive with authorities and who was there; communicate.

The event at Arc-En-Ciel School took place on a busy Portobello Boulevard in Orleans, Ottawa, at about 2 p.m. Last Wednesday.

The maritime student is fine, but the ways that fight on the promotion of school board research.

"There was no reason, it was not difficult, he said it was time to go home, he put on his coat and disappeared," said Guy Dubois, Senior Education Director , Conseil Des Ecoles Catholique du Center-East, to CTV Ottawa.

The boy lives about two kilometers from school and started off; walk on the side of the house.

"That's the worst situation. Safety is a priority of one number and when you get that call everyone will be hitting," said Dubois.

The school letter explained that the administration had met with the parents of the child.

The letter showed that new safety procedures were put in place to ensure that their child was always safe at school.

The plan includes more guidance during transition times and class changes, more specifically to & # 39; Overlooking school and stone gardens on each classroom.

The letter said that the parents of the boy were confirmed by her parents; plan.

"I think they jumped and I think they're doing a good job, we'll see what happens after that," said Luc Boudreault's parent to CTV .

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