A Fresh Start of Civil Defense shows 84 people dead and 276 lost people – Horizons


The death of the Brumadinho disaster rose to 84, according to information issued by the State Civil Defense on Tuesday afternoon (29). In addition, 391 people were found and 276 are still missing.

Out of the total number of deaths, 42 were identified at the Legal Medical Institute (IML). Six death certificates were brought out in the afternoon.

According to Lieutenant Pedro Aihara, spokesman for the Fire Department, three bodies were removed from their bush found on Sunday.

Two other bodies were found on the collection where the army believed the restaurant would be. Gas cylinders were also found nearby.


Aihara also warned the people despite those who attacked the areas where there was a limited chance of fire firefighters.

He said that three moths had attacked three who tried to try to locate sites without permission.

"They suffered a lot of wounds and they had to be taken by helicopter to medical care," explained the lieutenant.

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