A funny Christmas tour, New Year


On 21-11, recorded from a variety of travel companies, it is necessary to organize walks for Christmas, and New Year's Day; increasing, especially with tours related to overseas taxes.

Past visit to Christmas, New Year - Picture 1.

Tourists are very busy tourists at the end of the year

Representatives of the Vietravel Travel Company said that there will be even more than a month to Christmas and Year; New, the number of tourists buying this vacation at Vietravel has reached 55% -60%. As a result of the time spent on a festival, visitors need to tour as far as Europe, Australia, and the USA. Especially in North-East Asia and in the country, customers often wait for the new purchase holidays due to simple comparative approaches.

Ms Tran Thi Bao Thu, Marketing and Communications Director, Fiditour, said that Fiditour has completed over 90% of his plan to sell Christmas and New Year holidays and the number of visitors loved 25% over last year. "The market continues to register the shortcuts (3-5 days), such as the islands' sea trips, North East, South East Asia , northeast Asia. Taiwan is at the top of the list with the highest number of foreign trips, up 40% from last year. "Fiditour made Taiwanese fares up 15% compared to his first plan. "Gathering information.

At the TST tour operator, the wonderful holiday trip is complete, just a few places on a trip to Brunei. Representatives from TST tourists commented that the number of hostages increased their holiday early holidays this year, and the sale is faster also faster. Due to two New Years holidaymates and the distance is not far away so that visitors can moving their departure time in January 2019 to New Year. It is expected that there will be 2-3-month tours that will increase in advance at the end of November and early December 2018. This is based on the tourist attraction of Vietnam.

In addition, many visitors have chosen the last few years for a Christmas holiday, the winter season is a New Year, & # 39; watching the snow overseas. Truong Thi Thu Giang, vice president of the Vietravel marketing department, said that most of Vietnam's tourists have a " Looking forward to viewing and viewing. hitting the snow. So, in recent years, tourists have chosen the winter routes to welcome Noel, Experience snow as Korea, Japan, and Europe.

On tour prices, traveling representatives said the trip price would increase by around 10% compared to weekdays. According to representatives of TST tourists, the price of this year's trip has been affected by air fares, bìni and tour services, so it is difficult to travel high quality. Guests need to take care of the time they are leaving. For example, if self-service is arranged (Free & Easy), book air tickets and housing accommodation. If you follow the passport, you should take into account the quality of the service and vitality issues. For home trips, it is best to register through a travel group to ensure that there is a good place and service, which can be avoided and built prices at a & # 39; last minute.

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