A funny photograph from Nur Fettahoğlu!


His actress, Nur Fettahoğlu, has published a emotional message from her social media account on the third birthday of her daughter Eliza Güzin.


The solo player Fettahoglu, daughter and wife, Levent Veziroğlu played a picture from the social media page, "I lost my life, you breathed me. Good that you're with me" used phrases.


Nur Fettahoğlu was born in Germany on 12.11.1980 as the fourth child of the Black Family family with five children. It is originally from Rize. His father was Sinan Fettahoğlu's dad and b. His mother Fatma Fettahoğlu. SKY Türk Selvinaz Fettahoğlu is the oldest sister. Fettahoğlu, who started living in Istanbul with his family who returned home shortly after his birth, graduated from Beşiktaş High School and Haliç University Fashion Design. After working in banks, he retired as Skylight Trader at Sky Turk.

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