A game of Witcher's cards comes to mobile phones


Witcher fans will be able to play the Gwent card game quickly on other stages.

Witcher can be full of rich universities and events, with the exception of Gerald, a chart game last year. Gwent. This year, we will be able to play on the way, as the game has smartphones. Project CD Information on website.

First Gwent comes to the iOS platform later this year. The creators also work on the Android version, which is available later. We don't know that the exact dates still exist. The Gwent title was originally released on computers last year, and shortly afterwards went to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The game comes from a similar card game we can play the third Witcher. As a separate title, Gwent gives card games where the player is getting ten cards as well as his opponent and his job is to sink. Each card has its own characteristics and is dependent on the skill of the player.

With the version of the moveable version, the first major extension to Crimson Curse's platform was also released. It includes 100 new cards and five new leaders.

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