A girl born with Twin Living live within her home


Colombia's wife has given birth to a birth which has been found to have a half-life inside her.

It is thought that “fetus-in-fetu” is a very rare issue. While the situation is not entirely uncommon, fewer than 100 cases are reported in medical literature.

Itzamara was recently born, next to her twin sister, in the Barranquilla Colombian sea port. As reported by a local newspaper El Heraldo, dviewers noticed how unusual Itzamara still stood in her mother's Monica Vega identity, just as he is immediately noticed. Interior one particular issuedoctors were sure that a 47-year-old was getting a fetus-in-fetu.

At a high level in week 35 of pregnancy, they noticed the boy had a coat of arms, but a closer survey revealed that the interior was a "fetus".

“[It’s] one of the most unusual and interesting things that can be seen in breastfeeding, ”said Dr Miguel Antonio Parra Saavedra, who dealt with the issue of clinic La Merced in Barranquilla, with El Heraldo.

Itzamara was born in 37 weeks on 22 February with a healthy weight of 3.2 kilograms (7 pounds). Just one day after her birth, doctors had to do surgery to remove the gap that had been created – but still growing.

"We told the mother about her situation as it is a huge event, but she has never heard it before. In fact, most people don't realize that this event can happen. T in human nature, "said Dr Parra Saavedra.

Twins were only 14 miles tall, with no heart, and no legs. After they had cut the cobbled butterfly, the fungus died.

Scientists are not sure why fetus-in-fetu may arise; but it is believed to happen the first few weeks of a fortnight after one breakout circulating and decorating the other. The couple is then closed to parasitic and is responsible for blood supply to the “host” couple. Sometimes the disease is called as theratoma. This is a biotic skin bacterium which is made up of a wide range of tissue, such as hair, muscle, nails, or bone. So sometimes a modified tomato can look like unimproved stems.

For Itzamara, it is in good health and is on its way to full recovery.

“She has a small scarp on her belly, but she's normal baby now because the whole world is talking about it,” told Dr Parra-Saavedra for the New York Times.

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