A girl is doing the most beautiful thing for her mother; suffering from dementia and has been out of need


What's a great idea!

Anyone with a family member or friend who is suffering from dementia will know how difficult it is; it is. Depending on how long the disease has progressed, patients may need 24/7 around their care; clock.

Others may not be so bad and at this stage, it is about putting strategies in a place to help the person and their people around them; control of illness.

A woman with an old old woman with dementia has been trying to go wrong with her. Post a picture of a whiteboard she uses to help her mother when she is not with her.

She writes positive affirmations in a different color pen that sheets; including:

"There is pay for your food. You're OK. Everyone is right.

"You do not move. There is no other person to move.

"Keep drinking, it will help your memory.

"You do not have to have any money. You did not worry anyone."

He also included memories like drinking water. The photo was posted on Reddit with the title:

"A simple whiteboard had left her own line as a sitting room. He helped to reduce the call of a continuous phone."

Many people praised her; This idea, some of which made things similar to the past and have succeeded.

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