A girl was killed to take her lover to 14 years in prison


(Dan Viet) In order to cut off the relationship between the biological father and his lover, Trang asked a woman to go to her; hitting her face but she did not expect her father to lose her life.

After the test, Hau Giang's court was sentenced by Tran Kieu Trang, 47, from Ho Chi Minh City, to 14 years in prison. Nguyen Thi The (57) 20 years, Nguyen Quoc Huy (35 years) 19 years imprisonment, Nguyen Huu Loc (25 years), 18 years imprisonment, Pham Thanh Full (47 years) 12 years imprisonment, Nguyen Anh Tuan (39 year) 7 years on the same cost "Murdo". Loc, Huy, also sentenced to imprisonment of 6-8 years imprisonment to the "Destruction of property" jail.

A man who has a girlfriend who is 14 years old

The car was carried down by Mr Ri and Chien.

According to her prejudice, the defender finds her biological father, Tran Van Ri (74 years old), Director of Kien Binh Co., Ltd., is based in Ho Chi Minh City ) with vice-director of Ms. Vo Thi Chien (SN 1975) and gave her the company's direction, with no further interest in the family.

For the unnecessary relationship, in early March 2012, Trang met Ms. The invitation to attract a person to face Ms. Chien About four months later, Ms. Tuan sent to Tuan and Toan. Later on, Tuan invited Huy and Loc.

In the afternoon of 4.10.2017, General has provided a timetable for Mr Ri and Mrs. Chien to Kien Giang, phone page for Mrs. The and Toan. Get order, Huy Loc car with a motorcycle to Hau Giang, welcome to make the case.

About 23h on the same day, when Chung moved cars with Mr Ri and Chien on the 61C road, to the section of Nhon Nghia A chomune, Chau Thanh A, Hau Giang, Huy dropped his car .

At this time, opened the car Lock opened, & # 39; use splitting gutting in a & # 39; roof and legs of Miss Chien, Huy also gave the gasoline bottle ready to pour it into the car in Chien and fire. Then they launched the car to Ben Tre province. The incident was defeated by Mr Ri on October 11th, while Chien was a suffer 77% of poor health.

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