A girl was shooting a car to kill her father on conviction


On the afternoon of November 21, Hau Giang Local People Court sentenced Tran Kieu Trang to 14 years in prison, Cai Van Chung for 12 years, Nguyen Thi The for 20 years, Nguyen Quoc Huy for 19 years, Nguyen Huu Loc for 18 year. Toan was convicted of 12 years imprisonment and Nguyen Anh Tuan was convicted seven years imprisonment for a murder.

In addition, the court also placed a penalty on Loc, Huy, The defenders who had been arrested; 6-8 year imprisonment in prison when the claim was destroyed.

This is the case that her daughter was converted to her; burn to his father death to disturb his & her; public opinion of the last trip.

The guardians in court. Photograph: CTV

The guardians in court. Photograph: CTV

According to her prejudice, Mr TVR (Tran Kin Binh Trading Director – Manufacturing Company Limited, chief of a Ho Chi Minh Town) is a Trang's father's father, a VTC Deputy Director. She discovered that her father had full control over her company for Ms. C. and she was not worried about her family, so she intended to cut her relationship off.

In the early March 2017, Trang met The demand to attract people to hit Ms. C for 250 million. Around July, Tuan Huy sent his conversation with Huy and Loc, who was injured in C. The detection rate is 40% -50% for 80 million.

In September, 2017, Toan, Tuan, Huy, Loc gave the invading weapons that were waiting for him; Miss C. Company was left to take action but they did not. see Ms. C.

The car was burned only in the frame.

The car was burned only in the frame.

Then, Tuan told Huy and Lock that he would be injured to Ms C. on the road from Ho Chi Minh Town to Kien Giang for 120 million. General (driver) told Trang that Mr R.'s agenda and his / her. Mrs. C. to Kien Giang. Then, Huy and Loc a motorcycle to Hau Giang and welcome the road to the purpose.

About 23 hours on the same day, Chung carries a car with Mr R., A & # 39; Miss C. 61C. When he goes to the section of the village of Nhon Thuan 1A, Nhon Nghia A commune, the Chau Thanh district, the Hau Giang division, Huy put a pressure on his car, blocking the head of the car. Then Huy gave a bottle of gas ready to pour it into the car and set fire. After the crime, the two fled to Ben Tre.

Mr R. and Ms. C. were moved to the emergency room but due to a severe shooting, Mr R. died and died. Miss C. wounded 77%.

Theo Hai Duong

Ho Chi Minh City Laws

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