A glossary athlete, world pole and Olympic hero have been relocated in particular in the 30 YEARS, and the purpose of his / her. unidentified death! (PHOTO)



02/11/2019. 18:16 – 02/11/2019. 18:33

Rajnelt won the 2012 gold medal in London as a member of the eighth

candles, Photograph: EPA / Atef Safadi

A Gold Gold Winner in turn and a German long-term producer Maksimilijan Rajnelt died at 30, was announced today.

The Swiss police said Rajnlet fell as long as they were. skiing during the weekend, but he did not mention the cause of his death.

Rajnelt won the Olympic gold medal in London in 2012, and four years later in Rio de Janeiro. He also won two World Championships and winner of European multi-benefits.

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