A good fight with Celebrity Deathmatch


Celebrities are good to return with Celebrity DeathmatchFor the third time we will give evidence of the most beautiful decisions between celebrities in the famous ring of the chain MTV Thanks to your agreement between Ice Cube and the previous channel for music video broadcasting.

Company Cube Vision The rappa possessed a contract MTV Guides to do it again Distribution, the very successful series in the late 20th century and a warmth in 2006 that lasted only a few months. And despite the latest season even the shadow of what we saw in 1998, the series of videos? Reality Exhibitions? or what they are now giving, it is determined that they will come back to one of the shows that showcase their presence. Most in the stage where music was their program store.

Ice Cube is already working VH1 in the program Sgurr Hip Hop so you may know about the production motion for the payment channels. In this regard, Distribution It will be done as a weekly program but at this time they still do not know whether it will be discharged in a service on demand or in high heels. What they are saying is that the display is very clear to its vote back with video games and all kinds of satellite products in 2019.

President MTV, Chris McCarthy, tells how he is:

"We are pleased to strengthen our partnership with Ice Cube and Cube Vision to re-select one of the best fan users. Cause of death I'm going to go to me; It's still a tough topic for social media and it's an interesting and fun way to tell her. current pop culture where it is: the fourth. "

During his time, Distribution He was very funny among his famous characters for politics, television, cinema and, indeed, a music business. But there were times without social networks where the same way was to be done; feeling that these characters had a strong connection with traditional media, like that Distribution it was a way of bringing them closer to the public under black humorous protection print, which is not essential now, because public ideas are just and right; affect anyone, no matter how famous or as rich as it is.


We need to wait if some of them maintain their league to change to the new situations. So far, we can see how good we're doing and the nights are good.

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