A good light appears and praises that it drew – Benfica


The Belenenses had the twin aims of deception, which resulted in errors by Vlachodimos and Reuben Dias, after the Benfica fans desperately disappointed, but they are actually at the end of the game, with players and staff. T In the middle of the park, praise the effort of the group, with a series of attacks in the final, to reach its third goal.

The truth is that yesterday's meeting had a light court & was not; less impatient than Bruno Lage had survived. The first half meant that the team could make a few whistles for a half-time as the players left for the club, but eventually the half-finale in the second half did t .

The gamekeeper says that he is sad

By influencing the scoreboard, the Eagles saw the Belenenses reaching the first goal after a mistake with Vlachodimos, which tried to explore the outside, opening with a pair of army from Diogo Viana and allowed him to use the network. Ferro and Ruben Dias promoted the Greek language on an international basis and apologized to supporters.

At the end of the game, and although the crew gave Porto a chance to come in, the Benfica team said they had tried João Capela's whistle that the players had stayed for a while.

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