A great massacre that broke barrels, was in a hurry to go to # 39; debt debt 40 billion


Monday, November 19, 2008 7:00 PM (GMT + 7)

The victim was sent in a town on the coast, brutally knocked down and her. write a note of debt. This person must remain in the police station so as not to be arrested.

On 19-11, a source said that CSIT Binh Thuan provincial police still gave evidence from Mr M.T.D, a business owner in Hoa Thang commune, Bac Binh area. Mr D was asked to be officially defended by the police and staying in the police office at Binh Thuan for being arrested.

A big man who was barrels, was in a hurry to be in a position; debt debt 40 billion - 1

Explore the house of Pham Thanh Liem.

According to the store, on November 14 after the arrest of Phan Thanh Liem Police Department of the Tin Police Police, who was a staff of the Financial Bureau in the Bac Binh area when Liêm's healthy red book gave more people to sell over On 70 billion, there are many organizations, a black society to Liem's ​​home to collect debt. These groups came from Ho Chi Minh Town, Dong Nai and after finding a bank account finding about Liem before being arrested, much of Liem's ​​business, moved money to Mr D with around 15 billion.

Immediately, a group of about 30 people on eight cars traveled to Villa in the Sea Link City (Phan Thiet) and a morning from 15-11 to let Mr D be present to meet, participate in A & E exchange in the Liem.

A great man who traveled brutally brutally, was in a hurry to be in a position; debt debt 40 billion - 2

The stranger visitors are watching the event.

Because I do not include anything by & # 39; trading, buying land with ordinary Liem, Mr D is present and was built by his & her; group. They then sent Mr D brutally to Mr D to write a debt of 40 billion and they must ask his wife to draw money to them. Invasion of illegal people survived, damaged by morning attacks until noon on the same day. It was only when Mr D agreed to write debts for this group of people to stop it.

Speaking with us, Mr D said that it should be urgent to have a & # 39; Following the words of this social group because his life was very scared, as they all were cast and they were very aggressive. South Westerly

According to Mr D after writing his debts, his / her would have to do so; He has called his wife to raise money to his wife; their census. The human woman then moved to the account of this 1.1 billion group. Immediately they put Mr D on a seven-seat carriage and went to Ho Chi Minh City. When they arrive in the Trang Bom area (Dong Nai area) on the night of November 15, they ask Mr D to go off the bus and his / her; They promise not to inform the police, or so Mr D's life and his children will be in danger.

A big man who flees freely, has a bad chance to go; debt debt 40 billion - 3

Mr D tacsa returned to Phan Thiet to tell his family and an emergency hospital. However, after a lot of fright, the victim asked his wife and children to move while & # 39; And he came to the police's temporary lodging application to protect his life.

On the afternoon of November 19, according to our sources, CSDT is analyzed, and # 39; The money between the accused Pham Thanh Liem and Mr D. clarify the usual, legal or hidden matters.

Initially, the restaurant was celebrated in the burial ground until today but the defendant Pham Thanh Liem committed criminal actions.

The Binh Thuan Police co-ordinates immediately with Dong Nai Police, Ho Chi Minh City Police to clarify his / her; group of sadness.

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