A group of blackboats blocking the crossroads in Nam Dinh: Unnecessary behavior, can be convicted of jail


(VTC News) – Solicitor Dang Van Cuong, Head of Legal Lawyer, TP Lawyer. Ha Noi stated that over-border traffic in Nam Dinh was a barrier to road traffic prevention and could be punished for administrative, even criminal offenses.

Today, social networking is a group of voluntary youth groups stop the road crossing To prioritize car cones. We know that these images are recorded when Le Hong Phong – Hung Vuong (Vi Xuyen, Nam Dinh).

Many ideas expressed their disagreement with their "players" group, saying that this is a cultural activity.

A group of people in the Nam Dinh province: Hanh vi vo hoa, can be seen in the picture 1

"Enemies" blocked the crossroads irregularly to move his team. (Picture: cut off the chart)

Binh N. expresses his emotional feelings: "Unbelievably, the groups of golfers get more and more attacked, give them the right to block the people's way. Consider and punish the right person, the crime.

Agreed by his opinion, Xuan Tr account. "This is an inappropriate behavior, and you are young and you have a good education but you act as a lawless body."

Video: Crossing the & # 39; borders in Nam Dinh (Source: Tran Thanh Mini / OFFB)

Father Dang Van Cuong, Head of Legal Law Office, TP. Ha Noi said the "passers-by" group was blocked in Nam Dinh as a matter of fact; blocking road traffic and which could be punished for administrative crimes.

"Activities that block road traffic can cause accidentally damaging adverse effects depending on Inventory 46/2016 / ND-CP that identifies controlling an administrative breach in a range road traffic. In some cases, a fine can be charged up to 8 million VND, and Cuong said.

In some cases, the penalty group is liable for the crime that causes public disorder. "If blocking traffic traffic causes traffic congestion for hours, he or she is likely to be subject to the normal activities of the organization or public depression group in the company, maybe that the crime will be charged against the crime that causes public disorder, "said Cuong lawyer.

Therefore, in Section 1 of Article 245 of the Criminal Code, offenders who make public disorder will be subject to a VND 1-10 million fine fine, unnecessary reform for up to 2 years or prison period between 3 months and 2 years. , which is so crime.

Article 261 of the Criminal Code 2017 changed the Criminal Code 2015 on the prevention of road traffic. Therefore, a "prosecution" team may be fined from 30 million to 100 million, unnecessary reform for up to 3 months or a term of imprisonment from 6 months to 3 years.

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