A group of "doctors" doctors of motor doctors on the platform Van Van Cau Gie


Afternoon 18-11, exchange with newspaper Speaker, who was the leader of the CSGT team, on the same day, the unit got a group of motorcycles traveling along the road high speed Pope Van-Cau Giei So officers and soldiers were asked to direct the devolution to the road to help people avoid the risk of other travel.

Priority Group Van-Cau Gie Phap – Source: Otofun

According to the director, this group of about 10 motorcycles does not have a motorcycle; going on the small road but the unit is only reminiscent of it; lifestyle direction without penalty of administration.

A group of ten motors launched rapidly - Picture 2.

Group portrait on the Phap Van-Cau Gie platform – Photograph: Otofun

On the morning of November 18, a video clip of a group of motorcyclists appeared on the capital of the Van-Cau Gie Pap on the social network.

The video clip received thousands of sections, many of which are confidential, and the bank's actions to activate & # 39; threatening other vehicles due to rapid speed prevention. Motorcycle

Huy Thanh

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