A growing illness of airborne disease in Varna


A growing illness of airborne disease in Varna

There is one cause of influenza and 26 problems of influenza and ARD

The number of patients with ARD in Varna grows, according to RHI-Varna data.

For the time 16.11.2018 – 22.11.2018г. the scarce vandalism is recorded in RAS – Varna has a move in the seasonal boundaries.

306 enrolled. Conductive behavioral illnesses against 196 cases of ARD from the previous week. There were 1 cases of influenza and 26 problems with influenza and bronchitis and 11 ARD emergency arrests.

26 cases of disease disease were recorded against 29 of the previous week, with disease diseases: 21 enterocolitis, 1 hepatitis, 4 salmonellosis.

Out of air diseases (without influenza and ARD), 52 people were recorded, compared to 19 for the previous week, given by: 43 cases of chicken hens and 9 cases of scarlet fever.

Lyme borrelosis and Lung disease infection are not registered.

In the vaccine chamber, 40 people have passed over the period.

23 vaccines were made. With a vaccine to yellow disease, 3 people are covered.

13 people have passed and tested in the Free and Voluntary AIDS Advisory Cabinet (CABC) test.

Quickly notified in RIS – Varna Four people were bored with a curse.

30 pcs Infection Surgery Surveillance Surveillance Surveys (OZB).

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