A hard criticism Kuff: According to Kisk, I'm really awesome and real. Who is this president? She only has a nice woman


The well-known priest Marián Kuffa, who spent all his life in the Žakovce people on the outskirts of his comrades, has made a hard start in the & President Andrej Kisk and Liberal. At the same time, he asked people to vote for a emerging Christian party.

A hard criticism Kuff: According to Kisk, I'm really awesome and real. Who is this president? She only has a nice woman
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"We are not the enemies of the Liberals, that's our wrong brothers and sisters that are wrong. That's why we are denying them. I do not forgive you to hate the face them, but to be careful of the face. They take the bombs because they kill not only but also we. These bombs are the ideology of sex, movements, and com – registered partnerships. This offers young people. It's a time when the crash comes, "warned Marián Kuffa during Lendak's control.

According to Kuff, we should not vote for the Liberals either. "Be careful who you choose. Do not blame freedoms, not because they are their enemies, but because they are bringing enemy philosophy."

At the same time, the priest will criticize the volunteer soldiers so that they can not make love between neighbors from desirable thinking. "There is a genuine love to grow, discouragement. If a person lives without any doubt, he is doing himself, but if he is teaching people else, he will kill others. But, when others need to do so as a sex ideology, and those who bring many people who are killed our country, "he said.

They screamed me that I was a buyer

Kuffa also remembered the quiet campaign of the parliament when it came to support the Quibburs recommendation to be able to; confirms the uncertainty. We wrote more about it TU.

"The media would believe I was a buyer. You have media communication. I've been faced because they did not attend a truth or a good thing. It does not stop it injured on fertility, but ending and innocent murder. When the male and female cells are linked together, then God will create the soul. From that time on, The massacre of the innocent. But the sports media made me. But politicians had the opportunity to ban on injuries, but not. Some of those who did not know how we are killed our children, and those who are familiar with our children are killing, "Kuffa thinks.

Write Kisk hard

The truth will be true according to the priest, whether the petition was given by the brothers or someone else. "President Kiska is on those who fight for injuries, to call formalists. Those who advocate a genuine idea of ​​a profession have called on a call. Yes, according to Kisk, I'm influencing and I'm having a big impact. I'm asking you who is an enemy and a person who is a victim, Who is the victim of life for children or physically and physically? Answer yourself inside, "started Breac Kuff.

"Well, that's the president, I will not vote for such people. Kuffa does not speak politically but it's worthwhile. I do not want you to hate the President, but carefully and confidence. Do not empower those people. Although they may have a good illness – the highest trust in Slovenian is at their president. I do not vote on it. Although he is aware or ignorant, I do not know, so I do not think it, "he says.

Kuffa also remembered that Kiska had made a law that was a dog's life and cats. "Who is this president? For human beings or cats and dogs? I am opposed to taking the dogs over the human. But, this is not a difference between his & # 39; president and volunteer soldiers. A secretary loyal, ask for a soldier, "again the priest.

New Christian Party

The Kuffu communication was also directed against KDH and Angela Merkel, who is not in a position; believe it is a Christianity. "He works as a Christian party, but he agrees to agree with registered partnerships. We also have a Christian party who is trying out ourselves. We also have a Hero voting for a registered partnership because they merit Merkel. Those who are loyal have chosen those people, and I have chosen them, but I do not. There is a new Christian party. come up, and do not conflict with the Liberals. It is against the ideology of sex, injuries, registered partnerships and family. That is what I'm going to vote, and I am I recommend you vote, "Marián Kuffa finished his subject.

We also ask for the position of the Office of the Czech Republic President, which we will send after.

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