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After he stopped in the 2018 World Cup bundle, the False team team won the five friendly games. Samba stars have scored 11 visitors without giving them an objective. Welcome Cameroon in her & # 39; This game, Selecao is still launching its strongest team at the moment.

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Brazil will play on it.

Shortly after the whistle, Brasil broke the team to take control of its game. On 5 minutes, Allan made a great deal of progress in the area and won dangerous circles into Cameroon's goal, but saved Onana's escape. 3 minutes after Selecao's first star, Neymar had a difficult problem and had to go. The opponent of the Everton opponent was replaced by Richarlison.

The next minute the small member had lost over the range of the Camarun team. In a 21 minute minute, Willian attempts to break on the right of the nets and her; shooting that he was killed away from the Firmino inside the area, but that Liverpool did not defeat Onana. In 44 minutes, Onana grew up again at the end of Firmino after a cross from Unilean.

But, at the first corner, Anaana had to go to his / her; ball to lift the ballSouth West Willian's right cross to Richarlison is to hit her & # 39; power, opening the scanner for Brazil. The first half ended with a positive benefit for South American delegates.

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Richarlison won the same goal for Brazil.

At the beginning of the second half, Cameroon had a very aggressive settlement. Toko Ekambi was struggling to the right and made a good way for the nets, but Bahoken did not try to go to her. giving a member out. Then Brazil was back. Butoa left the goal to stop opportunities that Gabriel Jesus could not afford to complete the opportunity, but the opponent again to his ball.

68 minutes, the team got from the team, Art crafted from outside a penalty area. Butoa was defeated, but the crossroads broke the mid-goal goal; park that was the Barcelona shirt wear. The minutes left, the team almost has no control over the Brazilian team. Although Samba stars have given many opportunities, but no goals have been added.

Final: Brazil 1-0 Cameroon

The team is coming forward

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Broadcast 05:14 21/11/2018

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