A heavy zombie disease is spread


A new study shows: People are also at risk

American authorities are currently reporting that there are growing diseases, called "zombie disease" with the American media. The name came from the signs of illness, because people who are suffering from illness. suffer from significant pressure on pressure, coordination problems, more liberation, anxiety and invasion. So far, it is not affected by animals, and # 39; most sheep and deer. In the laboratory, however, he showed that even monks could be possible. So, according to American authorities, there is a danger to people.

Researchers at the American Center for Disease Control and Disease (CDC) currently give warning of the "zombie disease". This is a cumulative disease (CWD), which is a major impact on deer, deer and reindeer (for example, wapiti, black deer and white tail). According to the CDC, recent surveys cause concern that people may also be at risk. The disease is fatal in the animals and no remedies or vaccines are currently available.

Are the roots of a European opinion of zombies in a voodoo? (Image: Tabthipwatthana / fotolia.com)
There is a disease that turns people to zombies the subject that is Many of the movies are very popular. This is perhaps the closest thing to this situation and is referred to as a "zombie disease". (Image: Tabthipwatthana / fotolia.com)

Until now human affairs are not mentioned

As an american group reports, no issues of CWD disease have been recorded in humans. "Animal surveys suggest, however, that CWD will risk some species of mergers," authorities warns in a statement. Laboratory investigations showed that mucks were eating meat from animals that were inserted or entered into; brain or physical sufficiency also obtaining a CWD contract. Therefore, people can not be impeded to be expressed.

The US, Canada, Norway, Finland and South Korea were influenced

According to the CDC, in January 2019, the disease has spread to at least 24 states in the United States and two Canadian divisions in voluntary deer and cultivation. Issues are also reported in Norwegian and Finnish. In addition, meat with disease was introduced into South Korea, where the first case was reported. "As soon as CWDs appear in an area, the pathogens can remain in the environment for a long time," the health authorities are stressing.

The map shows the areas where the disease is spread. (Image: Center for Disease Control and Change)

Great mental abilities

In the deer and in the crops there was a great access to the entrance. Therefore, it is said that the disease is spread to every tenth wild animal in the affected areas and one in four in many areas of humans. In breeding animals in a narrow area, the level of disease is even 79 per cent.

How does CWD move?

Researchers now believe that the disease has a disease; spread between animals by talking to physical felling such as blood, saliva, blood or urine. It is an unusually enclosed protein that is in; pathetic, which can be taken through the patient. According to surveys and evaluations of the American authorities, the protein can remain in the environment (water or soil) for a long time unhealthy, and thus also affect animals that have no direct connection to an animal with disease.

Characteristics tinneas

CWD is an advanced, fatal disease that affects the brain, backbone and many other substances. The disease is related to the family of prion diseases that are called where damaged protocols depend on the symptoms. For example, a very rare disease, which appears in people like Creutzfeldt-Jakob's disease, is also part of this family. Researchers believe that unusual protein (printers) is a? damaging other healthy protests in the body, causing a serious damage to its & # 39; whole body, but especially to the brain and backbone. CWD will complete in all cases fatal. CWD's preservation time may have been over one year until its first brain signs appear. The norms are:

  • heavy pressure (heavy),
  • Problem coordination
  • walking problem,
  • apathy,
  • steady drooling,
  • strong thirst
  • often urination,
  • ears,
  • Fear of people,
  • increasing humility,
  • Assaults.


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