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ASHEVILLE, North Carolina – A commencement in a private school is now in place; standing as the largest in North Carolina since a virus vaccine passed over 20 years ago, saying health officials say.

As of Friday, Waldorf's Asheville School had 36 students at risk of varicella virus, which is called a " mostly like oatmeal. One of the highest religious immigrant levels in the state is at the school.

The viral disease appears in a calm trout in the & # 39; Most cases and usually not life-threatening. But Asheville Waldorf's breaking should be a matter of concern, Dr Jennifer Mullendore of the Health and Human Services Department of Buncombe said.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Disease, parks are particularly dangerous for babies, women with people with indirect protection systems, such as people who are HIV positive or coming out of cancer treatment.

"People do not think it's a very serious illness, and for most people it's not that. But that's not the best way for them. everyone, "said Mullendore. Two to three out of every 1,000 children who had been suspended by a hospital were required in hospital, she said.

"For me, it's not a mere disease, and if you're a parent to one of these children, you may not think that," said Mullendore.

Every year, a vaccine is caused by a disease; banning over 3.5 million cases of varicella, 9,000 hospitals and 100 deaths, the CDC reports on its webpage.

That's why healthcare providers for years have been praising every child who is capable of skills, and those with healthy health protection systems, vaccine, Mullendore said.

These recommendations have been extinct with parents from 152 Asheville Waldorf students – 110 of whom did not receive a banquane vaccine, which was issued in the United States in 1995.

State guidance on immunization

North Carolina Health and Human Resources Department; monitor the level of rescuers that parents have applied for religious salvage, and allow them to take on vaccination.

During the 2017-2018 school year, the last available data, Asheville Waldorf had a higher degree of liberty for immunizations than every school but two other schools.

Out of the 28 of the nurseries that recorded in that year, 19 had a freedom for at least one vaccine; the state needs for the entrance to the school.

School officers responded to questions from the Citizen Times Friday. The school will register students from nursery through the sixth level, Mullendore said.

The only schools in North Carolina were the main religious stage of Asheville Waldorf's religious freedom than private schools in other counties. 100 per cent of them – one of them had only one student, and the other two had the two.

During the same academic year, Buncombe County led the state in religious freedom rates for 5.7 per cent of staff.

"It is the thing that people need to understand that when there are pockets of unconnected people, they are reservoirs for disease," said Susan Sullivan, a nurse with the DHHS state who & # 39; consulting with local health departments about vaccines and infections that can stop.

"It's not just about himself"

Buncombe County has been a long time to deal with the extent of immunization of immunization, partly from parents who are causing more vaccines as they are; stop the illnesses.

"What's the big impact of the spice's horn? There's nothing big," said Amy Gordon, who lived in Asheville, who got his wife, Children immunized for polio and other diseases in the late 1980's, before their expiration.

"For a child with a child who was not a vaccine, I wanted to send my children to Waldorf School to get corn , "said Gordon.

If her vaccine had been around when her children got the rest in the late 1980s, Gordon would not have been allowed, she said.

In the face of a strong opposition to the face from healthcare providers and government agencies, such as United States Centers for Controlling and Disease Diseases, Gordon and others say vaccines are a major factor in health issues.

For Sullivan, and many other people in the medical field, the diseases that prevent their vaccination. bigger ban, even when it's offset; they could be small.

In the 1980s, Sullivan worked as a nurse at Johns Hopkins's oncology unit when she saw sea oats who banned a beginner's daughter.

The girl, who did not call Sullivan, just prepared a leukemia medicine and returned home when she came in with someone with seagrass.

"Since the new defensive system had the disease spread to her organs, and she did not survive," said Suillivan. "I've been awakening to me because this is not an unhealthy childhood illness."

Sullivan and Mullendore, considering the situation of healthcare providers, said a vaccine is important to the protection of the community.

"It's not just about himself," said Sullivan. "It's about the people you are interaction: pregnant women, people with AIDS, people who complete chemo. They are also part of our community, and we need what we are able to to protect everyone. "

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