A homeless person returns to Trinity Street days after being thrown away


A homeless man has returned to the location near the railway station just after days after a video shows council advice to throw his belongings.

Shaun Hibbert, aged 50, is often seen with his business and Brus's dog in Trinity Street, Bolton, where he has a tent.

Bolton Council said that officers had been helped to find a permanent place to live but Mr Hibbert was seen back in Trinity Street with a new tent.

On Friday, a video was circulated on social media that showed the council's staff; Mr Hibbert's items were thrown away, but Bolton's Council said that Mr Hibbert was just trying to get rid of what he was doing.

Bolton News recognizes that Mr Hibbert helped some of the things to be thrown away.


VIDEO: Bolton Council is a registered position just

It has provided a homeless man's tent on a fire while it is & # 39; sleep inside

The council spokesman said: "We've been supporting this gentleman and we've found more than a fortnight back and we've covered him, and he was happy to move in.

"We moved what he wanted to keep in to his new home. Things he did not want to keep up and agree to take him away, this is what this video is & # 39; show.

"This was all done in full cooperation and agreement. We understand why people may be worried after seeing this video and we hope that we gave them confidence. "

Bolton News has spoken to Mr Hibbert to find out about his return to the bridge but he refused to speak to a reporter.

Mr Hibbert has been in the press release before the fire was sent to fire by fire. as he was to sleep inside.

Fortunately, his beautiful wife Jack Russell, who was with him for 12 years, could tell the danger.

Mr Hibbert has previously stated that it is difficult to stay in a living area and that "getting things" has been a great deal of drinking .

He said that staying on the street is a Helps to stay away from drinking and drugs.

Mr Hibbert has been living on the streets on and off for around 30 years. He has moved around to stay in Plymouth and in Manchester before arriving at Bolton town.

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