A house was taken to steal a Toronto cop, eating a little chocolate bar


Nicole Thompson, The Canadian Press

Published Monday, November 26, 2018 4:09 EST

Last updated, November 26, 2018 1:21 PM EST

NEWMARKET, Ont. – A police officer in Toronto will steal and eat a pot-laced chocolate bar that was captured when attacking an illegal defensive defense to spend six months under a homekeeper was attacked as part of a surname that will be shown in the community, as a judge on Monday, saying that his actions could not be painless.

Vittorio Dominelli, who has been guilty of earlier this month, said to attempt to prevent justice, spend the rest of the eighth nine-month contract that is underway and will have to deliver a 60-hour community service.

Justice, Mary Misener, who was the leader of the law, said: case, saying that the 36-year-old was very careful to see his confidence about marijuana, and putting others at risk.

"His decision was to make the cannabis awesome and uncomfortable," she said. "He was fighting out in black. That is the state he put himself and armed with a handgun … the public's danger is obvious."

Misener said, however, that Dominelli was not a pollution officer and "he did not act for strange things."

Dominelli, who was a police officer for 13 years before rescuing the force this month, was part of a team to warn a shop; pot on 27 January. He placed packs on several cannabis-oil chocolate bars on his way out of his / her; store.

The Court heard that Dominelli and another officer did some of the hours of chocolate after they looked after a bar after hours and got very tall.

Dominelli thought he was dead, and that he reached radio for help, heard his / her; court.

When other officers were transporting to the place, one of them traveled on ice and suffered a bad bad head, court. That officer has significant difficulties still with speech and vision, "and he is unable to return to work.

Seven pots were paid in the pot-shop attacks, but the court heard that these fees were dropped due to Dominelli's actions.

Although his Crown sentenced to a conditional sentence, the lawyer Dominelli had argued that his client should have been discharged because of her; He had already put on his job and being subject to a major survey.

Misener said the officer had suffered as a result of his actions. She also noted that Dominelli had no previous record and had been welcomed by the directors and members of the public.

"Mr Dominelli has lost his job and has been inspired," said Misener. "The internet's non-banned nature means that it will encourage its actions for the rest of its life."

But still, his actions were at risk of others and refusing to trust in a system; justice, she said.

"The revivals that give evidence have gone far beyond the case," she said. "Evidence that impacts on a little natural nature is at the heart of a system of justice."

Dominelli did not answer as long as he was a & # 39; leaving the court, but his lawyer, Peter Brauti, said he was a disappointment with his judge's decision.

"It's very tough but I think it's the most important thing to close, because it's hanging over his head," said Brauti outside the court. "He knew he made a terrible mistake and was willing to take responsibility for it."

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