A Huawei employee showed the first "leaky", "Huawei Nova 4", on the subway


The camera will be applied literally in the screen. In China, the unallocated digital phone was still shown correctly, although it should not be given only the other day.

Previously, he always believed that the Samsung A8s tweed phone was a & # 39; First smartphone with "hole" in the face camera screen. But, recently known that Huawei put out the Chinese co-competitive outbuilding in South Korea, first device like that. Last year, his company published that a new camera by Huawei Nova 4, literally placed in the exhibition.

In a Chinese social network, Weibo, who is very attractive in this country and fulfilling its everyday work, The first advertising icon of Huawei Nova 4 has recently appeared.

In addition, a Huawei worker historically revealed that Huawei Nova 4 was a special meter in the metro. One of the travelers built a Chinese man who was a keep a device that has not yet been released. It can be seen just by special camera, because the Huawei Nova 4 smartphones are not similar to its & # 39; market.

At this time, Huawei Nova 4 knows that the Kirin 980 process base will work. Its company has decided to buy from new Infinity-O Samsung displays, which have not been given as far back. Also, it is not possible to shut down that the screen development is a & # 39; Especially related to Huawei, who built just the close phone before the competitors started.

It is believed that Huawei Nova 4 can be inserted into the next day. Whatever possible, a & # 39; company to succeed in any situation that & # 39; passing the worst "enemies" from Samsung.

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