A huge spoiler would have sunk over Zombieland 2


The first movie of Zombieland It was one of the most famous features in recent history.

As part of their story, and once the four main characters are a & # 39; arriving in Hollywood, they will come across a person living in their zombie sympathy: Bill Murray.

The following features a number of very funny series, and # 39; including those who remember the classical Ghostbusters, who gave the zoo to join the best actor who plays himself.

But now a new tune says that the Zombieland sail will again include cameos from celebrities from Hollywood, although it is not the best way to expect.

Warning wheel below.

According to Geeks Worldwide, a former site for its solutions called Omega Underground, Zombieland 2 to participate Dan Aykroyd and himself Bill Murray, which we saw died in the & # 39; first film.

"It's not known what status they are and how much they are currently, but they would define their own versions," they are in a & # 39; port.

Aykroyd's partnership, one of the historic showcases, makes sense when it's going to be. consider what was already done by Murray. However, the most interesting ones are related to Murray's result, because he was badly killed in the coffin and Zombieland players needed to rid his body. As it is possible to return, if not in a zombie version, the big question mark.

For now, there is no other port to prove this information, but it would not be unreasonable to think that those who are responsible for using Zombieland for the great Murray again.

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