A jury gives $ 80 million to someone who gives skin cancer permission to use Roundup.


SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – A $ 80 million jury in this Wednesday's dam for a California man who is damaging the herb t Roundup causing cancer as part of a court case that a contractor's solicitor will affect the outcome of hundreds of similar laws.

A jury of six people at a court in San Francisco reached the decision in favor of Edwin Hardeman, 70, who said he had used Roundup for years to heal many herbs in, among other things, his possession in t the Bay area of ​​San Francisco. The same jury found out that Roundup, a result of the Monsanto company, was a vital factor in a lymphoma that Hodgkin which Hardeman does not suffer.

Monsanto has confirmed that checks show that it is glisto, her heavily used ingredient has safe, active ingredients. The company has already announced that it will appeal the jury's decision.

“We are sorry about the jury's decision, but this decision does not change the weight of more than four decades of scientific research and regulator decisions around the world for security on our glyphosate herbs. prove that they are not carcinogenic. ", said a comment from the company Bayer, which last year Monsanto built.

In August last year another juror gave $ 289 million for a similar man, but the judge declined to $ 78 million. Monsanto appealed the decision.

Perhaps the law might be in the law that Hardeman put out was more important than that. Vince Chhabria has ruled over hundreds of legal cases relating to Roundup and has cataloged on the Hardeman case and two more cases including “pilot cases”. T.

Outcome of these things will help the lawyers to find out if they are continuing to discuss such a law or if they are better off. Legal experts say that statutes in Hardeman's favor and other whisks will give the reponents of the speeches considerable bargaining power in the speeches to agree in any issue before the Judge.

Multi-government regulators have refused to refuse a link between cancer and glyphosate. Monsanto has reiterated that there is such a link and it is said that hundreds of studies have confirmed that the chemical is safe.

Monsanto developed the glyphosate in 1970 and is now sold in over 160 countries worldwide and used widely in the United States.

A vegetation survey was carried out afterwards the International Research Group (IARC), which belongs to the World Health Organization, is classified as a "human carcinogen" in 2015.

The courts continued to face Monsanto after being tested in the US and thousands are waiting to be found in the United States.

Monsanto has attacked the idea of ​​a French-based international research group saying it is unusual. The US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) says that glyphosate is safe to be used by people as long as the orders in the leaflet are followed.

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