A large warning of procedures exceeding 200 meters high to Earth and can bomb a bomb with a nuclear bomb


There is a large asteroid of over 200 meters nearing a distance to Earth, according to NASA.

According to the US space group, the rock called 2018 LF16 could hit a beat of 50 megons on our planet, such as a nuclear bomb, depending on what the Sun says. In fact, it is not enough to do this.

The asteroid could move near Earth on August 8, 2023, although there are also two other dates: 3 August, 2024 and 1 August, 2025.

According to English media, the size of the rock is similar to two Big Ben, the classic clock in London.

It should be said again that the potential that affects our planet is a great deal. In this regard, in the scale of the impact of Torino's influence, there is a "zero" chance to hit Earth.

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