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Wednesday, November 28, 1818, 15:05 PM (GMT + 7)

The plane continued to flow down, and the pilot tried to balance 20 times.

The last last minute fell on an Indian plane with 189 people - 1

Boeing 737 MAX is made.

Indonesian researchers expect a report to be released on the JT610 problem. According to the documents Bloomberg came before the official announcement of Indonesia, the cause of the disaster has not been issued, but has published detailed information on the last minutes before the plane collapsed. into the sea.

On both travels with the Boeing 737 MAX 8, bullets have problems with basic information display systems, such as speed and height.

The JT610 pilot started into the sea after a 11-minute detachment from Jakarta, apparently did not know what was going on, Speak to the air traffic control station, want speed and height.

"They said there were problems with airplane control," said the report. Lion spokesman did not let out about the new information published.

The last horrible summary fell on an Indian plane with 189 people - 2

Boeing 737 MAX 8 airwheels affecting the JT610.

According to the report, the high sensory system has dropped from the plane; Previously, and even the very attractive JT610 plane.

The pilot does not know the height of the nose when it is; to leave it, which means that the airplane is an improper increase, and # 39; grow faster while the speed is not & # 39; respond correctly.

The result of the plane fell to lose some time. The new Boeing 737 MAX 8 device then generated the plane's nose automatically, long & The pilot was to try to take the nose again.

There were two pilots aboard the JT610 then addressing a series of error messages that are infected. appear in the photan. In the previous plane, the pilot dropped the system automatically to the ground so that it can still save the path.

For some reason, the two pilots on the JT610 did not do the same. The second black box containing the cockpit was not found, so inspectors did not know what the pilots thought in response to the crisis.

A last minute moment on Indonesia's plane. carried 189 people - 3

To date, find Indonesia researchers on a black box plane.

According to data from the black box, JT610 Lion Air's aerial has placed its nose on more than 20 hours in 11 minutes.

After trying to bring the plane back to the state of equilibrium, the pilot lost control of the plane and dropped to the sea at a distance of about 724 km / h, causing its death. whole crew.

Boeing refused to comment on the report, saying that he is actively working with Indonesia investigations.

Indonesian researchers are waiting for a new device to start the second black box investigation. "The second black box search will be restarted. We hope to continue to research this week," said Nurcahyo Utomo researcher.

The Indonesian plane carries 189 people: Data content from the black box

Indonesian officials have some of Boeing's 737 MAX 8 minds to carry the JT610 to solve the sea …

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